This is kongo gumi, the round braid - a traditional Japanese braid, adapted to make on a card or foam disc. No numbers. No adjustment moves. 
Just straight forward braiding, which can be addictive. (You have been warned ...)

  kit1 kumi on card
Foam disc, threaded up and started.
Using sixteen threads gives you many colourways; a page with nineteen additional threadings is included.

Red Booklet - lots of useful chat and full-sized diagrams for the 19 braids, all the same structure, made with the same hand movements, (left up/right down), but looking quite different.

New! colour pages of patterns

Red Booklet, Foam disc, Threads $8.50  

Braiding on a Budget

Card plus instructions. All these patterns are modified so there are no re-adjustment moves.

Round Braid, the easiest of the braids on  a card $2.00  
Square Braid, simple up-down movements $2.00  
Flat "lace" Braid, not for the faint hearted $2.00  
Flat woven braid  $2.00  
Beady Braid, includes an E-Z bob
Extra Cards $0.50  
Batch of 25 Cards $11.00  

Beady Bracelet Kit

A 9 strand version of the kongo gumi braid, with an additional thread to carry the beads. Started off for you on a small foam disc, the kit includes beads, an E-Z bob to carry the extra long beading thread, closure bead(s), needle, and full instructions.

$20.00 bd braid bag

Ready, Set, Go
(The Everything Kit)

A special item for the undecided. Here you have the Green Booklet, with instructions for 9 braids, both kumihimo and straw-plaiting (Fill-the-Gap and Laramie). Two foam circles are set up and started for you: kongo-gumi, the round braid, and the Laramie, a raised spiral. The card for Fill-the-gap is also included.
An extra two pages has a shrunken version of the 18 threading patterns from the Red Booklet. 


Foam Disks

round, small, 3 1/2"/9cm
round 4 1/2"/11.5cm 

octagonal, soft foam, 3 1/2"/9cm
"Big pink" firm foam octagon for using with groups of mutiple threads or large beads, 4"/10cm 


Fill the Gap

This braid comes from the Europen tradition, descending from straw-plaiting as in corn dollies and straw hats. There are seven threads and a gap, hence the name of the braid. Fun to do. Fun to teach.

   fill the gap
Braid Kit, set-up and started. $4.00  
Foam & Instructions $6.00  
Extra Cards - Octagonal $0.50  
Batch of 25 Cards $25.00

(another straw-plaiting braid)

Braid Kit, set-up and started on small foam disc. $7.00
Foamdisc  & Instructions $4.50
Extra Cards - Octagonal $0.50
Batch of 25 Small Cards with 32 nicks $11.00


The lucet is closely related to the Knitting Nancy but makes a firm, square-ish cord, useful for trimming and jewellery. Plastic lucets are always available and sometimes we have wooden ones from the workshop.

Plastic Lucet, started with slippery ribbon yarn, with instructions for the no-turn method of working. $7.50  

Tablet Weaving

Tablets(20) and Booklist $7.00
Tablet Weaving, Ruth MacGregor $6.50
Two-tablet weaving kits, warped and started, two easy-bobs for
the weft threads, twenty tablets, instructions, and book list for
further reading
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